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SPIN001 ($15.00)
1.Reeling and rocking 2.You're cheap 3.Hook, line and sinker 4.Refrigerator baby 5.Chicken and the hawk 6.Roberta 7.Take it back baby 8.It ain't the meat it's the motion 9.Down the road 10.Sapphire 11.Get out of here 12.My man 13.Yum yum 14.This little girl's gone rockin' 15.Let me in honey

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SPIN002 ($9.00)
1.You said 2.Lonely lonesome man 3.You're hurtin' me now 4.Send me away 5.Last night 6.Sleazy Louise blues

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SPIN003 ($9.00)
1.The Deacon moves in 2.I ain't comin' back 3.The giggler 4.Turn the lamps down low 5.The Devil came a callin' 6.Big boy's jump

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SPIN004 ($15.00)
1.Look at that moon 2.Tennessee border 3.Sweet and easy 4.Have you seen Mabel 5.Live a little 6.Theme for young lovers 7.Ain't that a dilly 8.Fools paradise 9.Shove it 10.My bonnie 11.You know what I mean 12.Rockin daddy 13.Hot rod man 14.The worrying kind 15.The world to me 16.Such a long way 17.Skippin' and boppin' (99)

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SPIN005 ($15.00)
1.Livin' on borrowed time 2.Fuck machine 3.Once again 4.Surfin' in a hurricane 5.Fifties man 6.Bo Diddley on the Planet Of The Apes 7.19 Sisco Place 8.Can you dig it? 9.Little girl 10.Going to the nudie bar 11.I want my guns back 12.Nuthin' but time 13.Gerald: Portrait of a serial killer

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SPIN006 ($15.00)
1.Livin' lovin' doll 2.Thirteen women 3.Love bug 4.Born to rock 5.Trouble in mind 6.Tally ho 7.Little Lou 8.I'm just a mender 9.Love charms 10.Forever yours 11.Ain't that too much 12.Wild eyed dream 13.Hammy blues 14.Tennessee Rock'n'roll 15.Starlight

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SPIN007 ($15.00)
1.Lovers curse 2.Come on little mama 3.Woodpecker rock 4.If you want it enough 5.Forty nine women 6.Crazy about you baby 7.Bertha Lou 8.Servant of love 9.The itch 10.Got love if you want it 11.Country cattin' 12.Hip hip baby 13.You can do no wrong 14.Young and wild 15.Please give me something 16.Gotta lotta that 17.Good show but no go 18.That depends on you 19.A six pack to go 20.What a dolly 21.Cool coold daddy 22.Let's have a ball 23.Love is my business 24.Joe 90

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SPIN008 ($15.00)
1.Lucille 2.Rip it up 3.Sure can rock me 4.Milk cow blues 5.Seven nights to rock 6.Money honey 7.Shakin' all over 8.Wipe out 9.Daddy-o 10.Please give me something 11.She's in love with me 12.Stand by me 13.I'm movin' on 14.Sway 15.Sugaree 16.You mostest girl 17.Donna the prima donna 18.Rock'n'roll madness

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SPIN009 ($15.00)
1.A little bit more 2.You tear me up 3.All I can do is cry 4.Hocus pocus
5.Make love to me 6.Gotta lotta rhythm 7.Cryin' in the rain 8.Castin' my
spell on you 9.For quite a while 10.Slowly but surely 11.You tear me up
12.Can't find the doorknob 13.Honky tonk hardwood floor


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SPIN010 ($15.00)
1.Photon stomp 2.Creature double feature 3.Caught with the meat in your mouth
4.Children shouldn't play with dead things 5.CHUD 6.He's doin' it 7.Tough fuckin' shit
8.Vampire bitches 9.Midget porn boogie 10.Alien vagina 11.Flesh eating bacteria
12.I fuck on the first date 13.Get in the bag, you fucker
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SPIN011 ($15.00)
1.You better believe it 2.Rock-a-bye baby 3.Just one more time 4.Rock that boogie 5.You don't hit the spot 6.Stayin' home baby 7.Early times
8.I hear you knocking 9.That's all 10.You're going back to Baltimore 11.Plantation boogie 12.Take the first train outta town 13.Lovin' machine 14.Wear your black dress 15.Where you at 16.Complicated woman
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SPIN012 ($15.00)
1. Rockin' Dead 2.Tomstone Boogie 3.American nightmare 4.Juvenile Delinquent 5.Jet Town Krew 6.Orgy of Blood 7.Spoiler 8.Juvenile Delinquent 9.Tombstone Boogie 10.All Tore Up 11.Attack From Outer Space 12.Jet Town Krew 13.Orgy of Blood 14.Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight

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SPIN013 ($15.00)
1.3 o'clock 2.Far from good 3.Berserker 4.Flat tire 5.Jane Doe 6.Lonely,
lonely, lonely 7.Mugshot 8.One cup of coffee 9.Wreckless 10.Shadows on the
wall 11.Shotgun, pills, knife 12.Sock hop murder

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SPIN014 ($15.00)
1. Wrong & Mean, 2. She's Gonna Die, 3. On A Roll,4. Let's Fight, 5. Shallow Grave,
6. Wild Man, 7. Black Cat Bone, 8. All By Myself, 9. Poor White Trash, 10. Strippers & Junkies, 11. Hard Bad Luck, 12. Long Gone, 13. Spooky Eyes, 14. Hot Rod Man

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SPIN015 ($15.00)
1. Boogie Woogie Country Girl, 2. Cast Iron Arm, 3. Diggin' The Boogie, 4. I Hear You Knockin', 5. I'm Ready, 6. Just A-Rockin'n'Rolling , 7. Linda Lu, 8. Lonesome Train, 9. Matchbox, 10. Please Don't Touch, 11. Queenie, Rock On!, 12. Travellin' Man 13. Yes Tonight Josephine.

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